A new identity

A LingQ member AJ wrote about Identity.  I hadn’t realized until that moment that learning Korean has changed my identity.

When I started watching Korean dramas, that was a surprise.  I had defined myself as someone who didn’t watch foreign dramas.

When I decided to try to learn Korean, that was a surprise.  I had defined myself as someone who couldn’t learn languages.

The fact that I have made Korean friends and now desire to travel to Korea some day has come as a surprise to me, too.  It is, however, a natural by product of studying the language.  My new identity as a language learner has overcome my fear about traveling to a non-English speaking country.

I’ve described before that in the first hour of my first Korean drama, I felt like I had fallen down the rabbit hole.  There was this whole WORLD I knew nothing about.  Two and a half years later, I am still learning about the Asian world and Korea specifically.  I am driven by curiosity.  I am lured by the new people I am meeting and the new ideas.

It is a refreshing new identity that is blossoming with new ideas and enthusiasm as I learn.

I come from a long line of women who continually learn.  I was so proud of my Grandmother who got college degrees in advanced age, when she had to drop out of high school during the Depression.  She could have let “high school drop out” be her identity, but instead she continued to learn her whole life, inspiring my mother to advanced degrees, and myself to continued education both formal and by my own research.

Language learning is giving this 50 year old a rebirth.  I embrace the positive changes to my identity.

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