Karuta and word games

I am always looking for new ways to play.  🙂

karutaToday, I was discussing Karuta, the Japanese poetry game.  Even though I am not learning Japanese, I have been tempted to buy a deck of these cards.

If you have a group of people learning language, you can play a simplified game of Karuta by using picture cards.  Spread out the picture cards, and when the word is said, try to be the first person to touch the card.  He who has the most cards at the end wins!  Smart and fast 🙂

I wonder if anyone has ever made a set of Karuta cards with Korean poems or nursery rhymes or folk lore images.  (future craft project).

What I really need is Hangul and Hanja.  That led me to this cram.com’s Hanja Lessons and games.  There are hundreds of cards that go with the 30 lessons from “Learn Hanja the Fun Way”.  Many other flashcard decks like 500 Basic Korean Verbs book, Talk To Me In Korean vocabulary,  and Essential Korean 6000 vocabulary.  The flashcards can be extracted to csv files. Here is one user who created many flash card decks.



Star Wars Karuta? With famous quotes from the movies? I want this.


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