Cooking, not learning

Trying a new recipe

Chulmoon told me on rainy days, he thinks about ‘녹두 빈대떡’. (Mung bean pancake) Curious about Korean comfort food, I plan to give mung bean pancakes a try.

mungbeanpancakeFor the batter soak 2 cups mung beans, 1/2 cup rice over night. Drain saving the water from the beans. Blend mung beans, rice, 2 teaspoons salt and 1 1/2 cups water blend until almost smooth.

Add veggies and if you want meat. Add the batter to a hot pan with oil. Then fry until crispy on each side.

I used pork, blanched mung bean sprouts, gosari, chives and green onions.

What Korean foods have you tried?


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2 Responses to Cooking, not learning

  1. sweetangel says:

    I love making Kimchi and Kimbap


  2. hting56 says:

    Kimchi and hotteok! it;s really easy as well. 😀


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