Korean Champ – New video series for beginners

I adore the Korean Champ. I have enjoyed his website, video lectures, and podcast.  Now he is coming out with a new series aimed at the novice Korean learner.  You get to see the sights in Korea and learn vocabulary along the way.

I especially could relate to his friend the “King of Nouns” who isn’t able to form sentences. I can relate.  I’m at the “point & say noun” stage in my learning, with my verbs consisting of 이에요, 왔어요, 주세요, 있어요, 없어요, 가세요, 먹다, and 사랑해요.

시위: demonstration
광장: a public square
폭포: waterfall
동전: coin
물: water
물 주세요: Please give me some water.
돌: stone
다리: bridge
다리 건넜어요: I crossed the bridge
친구: friend
산책하다: to take a walk
경찰: police
횡단보도: crosswalk
입구: entrance
출구: exit
화장실: restroom
계단: stairs
쓰레기: trash
쓰레기통: a trashcan
재활용: recycling
물놀이: playing in the water
쉬고 있어요: I’m relaxing
야생동물: wildlife
사진: picture
사진 봐요: I’m looking at the pictures
사진 찍다: to take a picture
벽: wall
학: crane
식물: plant
물고기: fish
풀: grass
나무: tree
하천, 개울, 도랑: brook, creek, stream
일석이조: Killing two birds with one stone
사물놀이: a kind of traditional Korean music performed with four percussion instruments


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