Playing around learning

Sometimes I just want to be hands-on with my studies. I want to hold objects in my hands, make things, play with them, rearrange them.

Ideas to study:

1.  dominoes for numbers,


3.  Jenga with words written in Hangul on blocks,


4.  ABC blocks with Hangul words (40 blocks=240 sides),


colored wood blocks


(colors, shapes, how many, over/under, larger/smaller, directions, etc.)

5.  Scrabble

scrabble tiles

6.  preschool coloring book created for Korean (letters, up/down/above/below, shapes, colors, unscramble letters, practice sheets to Hangul and Hanja letters, match animal to home, things that start with the letter…),


7.  activity book on Korean topics – word search, how many words can you make from these syllable blocks, word maze, crossword, crack the code, secret message, unscramble letters, coloring pages, which word doesn’t fit – grouping words by type)


8.  Go Stop

Go Stop


to add 더하다
plus  플러스, 더하기
plus sign 플러스 부호 (+)
minus 빼기
minus sign 마이너스 기호 (-)
plus or minus 안팎
multiply 곱하다, 늘다
divide 나누다
percent 퍼센트
around, approximately 정도
approximately,roughly 대충, 대략
about 약
at least 적어도
degree, or so 쯤
usual, average, common 보통

Example Sentences:
다음 숫자들을 모두 더하시오. Add the following numbers.
2 플러스 5는 7이다.  2 + 5 = 7
둘 더하기 둘은 넷.   Two plus two equals four.
7 빼기 3은 4이다. 7 – 4 = 3

그 아이들은 벌써 곱하기와 나누기를 배우고 있다.   The children are already learning to multiply and divide.
오차 범위는 3퍼센트 안팎이었다. The margin of error was plus or minus 3 percent.
세 시간 정도 걸려요. It takes about three hours.

Sentence Pattern

I usually eat lunch at about twelve o’clock.

I (usually, about, approximately) eat (meal) at (hour) o’clock.

는  보통  열두  에  점심  먹어요.

는  보통  열두  시  정도에  점심  먹어요.

는  약[대략, 대충]  열두  에  점심  먹어요.

hour: 1 하나 2 들 3 셋 4 넷 5 더솟 6 여솟 7 일곱 8 여덟 9 아홉 10 여얼 11 여얼하나 12 여얼들

meal: breakfast 아침, lunch 점심, dinner 저녁.

Don’t forget to learn terms for food. Linguanaut‘s Korean vocabulary.

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