Location and Direction

It is time to say “The pen is on the table” and ask “Where is the bathroom?”  LOL

This is a review of words used for location and direction.

front 나무 앞에 in front of the tree
behind 나무 뒤에 있어요. It’s behind the tree
side/ next to
on top/ above
밑 /
나무 밑에서 책을 읽고 있어요. I am reading the book under the tree.

Front, behind, beside, above, below, inside are prepositions.  Prepositions can express where a person is in relation to a tree  (in front, behind, next to).

-에 is only used with the status of a person or an object, and when you
want to express actions and behaviors that are happening, you need to use -에서.

Game to understand relative location of things

Game to understand relative location of things


TTMIK Level 3 Lesson 3 / in front of, behind, on top of, under, next to / 앞에, 옆에, 위에, 밑에, 뒤에

Fluent Korean – (Location Words) Korean Grammar Lesson 77

Learn directions

game for 위, 아래, 오른쪽, 왼쪽

Header 1 Header 2 Header 3
오른쪽 right
왼쪽 left R

zKorean grammar lesson on Direction.

fluentKorean – Asking Directions



Practice Conversation

Q: 친구를 어디에서 만날 거예요?
= Where are you going to meet (your) friends?

A: 은행 앞에서 만날 거예요.
= I’m going to meet (them) in front of the bank.


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