Telling Time

It is one o’clock.   예요.  As covered in my post about counting units, you tell time by saying hour + counting unit + verb 예요. Practice native Korean numbers with a game to tell time.

I’ve been studying numbers for 7 weeks now, so I am fairly certain I know them, but I am still slow to recall and learned them in order.  For a refresher, refer to these blog posts:

For more about numbers, try Talk To Me In Korean basic numbers.

Sentence Patterns

1.  (hour) 예요.   It is 1:00 o’clock.

2.  (AM/PM) (hour native)  (minute Sino)  (second Sino) 

time sentence pattern

3. hour 시  minute 예요.  It is 1:08.

4. hour 시  반 예요.  It is 1:30.

5. (아전/오후) hour 시  minute .  오후 .  At 1:08 pm.


Fluentkorean describes Korean time particles.  ~에 means ‘at’.  When dealing with time, use ~부서 to mean ‘from’.  When dealing with location, use ~에서 to mean ‘from’.

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