Declan’s customizable dictionary and flashcards

Declan Software has the following products:

– Korean Flashcards $32  (3600 Korean words & phrases)

– Korean HakGyo $30

– ReadWrite Korean $16

– Korean Dictionary $26

– WordFile Creator Pro $69

Create custom audio wordfiles for Declan’s Korean FlashCards (Windows and Pocket PC formats) with access to Declan Software’s 7000-plus word online Korean audio archive.

As far as I can tell with only reading the documentation and not downloading the 15 day trial version, the reason one might choose to use Declan software rather than other flashcards available is that Declan has tools to help you manage large number of sound and word files for creating your own customized flash card decks.

$101 for the Flashcards and WordFile Pro gets you a platform where you can upload as many of your own words and sound files to create Windows XFL & XFZ format or Pocket PC XWF format.  To include the dictionary as well, you have a grand total of $127.

I have never worked with large numbers of sound files as a programmer.  It will take more research to see if this could be something useful to me.  Having just spent 4 hours on creating my first Memrise flashcard deck with perhaps 48 sound files and images, I can see merit in a tool that checks on sound file formats, creates them for both Windows and smartphone platforms, and allows for importing large numbers of vocabulary.  The 7000 existing sound files is also appealing.

I was looking when I first started learning Korean for a customized dictionary.  This might fit the bill, but the price is a bit steep if it is only to be used by a single user, me.  Do I need a customized dictionary and flashcard deck that badly?  Can’t I just use Memrise, LingQ, Anki, or Naver Dictionary?

It might be nice to manage which words I am learning and importing my own words from KDA class or other sources.  On the other hand, will I get caught up in the heavy-lifting of managing thousands of words & sound files and lose track of the goal of learning the language?

I will need to do more research.  Learn something new every day 🙂


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