LingQ on Andriod

Basically, LingQ is a way to read lots of things, and look up the words you don’t know.  It is a foreign text reader.  You then review the words you do not know (lingQ’s).

My favorite part of LingQ is using the app on my smartphone to listen to and read lessons. All the hard work of creating a lesson pays off with the magic of having the lesson available to me on my phone where ever I happen to be.

The LingQ app allows you to:

  • Add new lessons on the app
  • Look up new words, add them as LingQs or mark them as Known
  • Study lessons a sentence at a time with the new Sentence View
  • Add lessons to playlists to listen on the go
  • Review lessons and LingQs offline

l1 l2

On my “to do” list is learn more about my smartphone: How to take screenshots.

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