Correct writing

I feel like I am being haunted by the ghosts of writings past.

On LingQ, you can submit samples of your writing for correction.  Eager, I submitted my first sentence attempts to LingQ.  This is when I learned there aren’t a lot of Koreans over at LingQ.  English requests get answered in a few hours, my Korean requests languished. Eventually, I forgot about them.  I stopped putting in sentences for correction.

However, like ghosts, the sentences have been popping back up a month or more after being submitted for correction.  I have let myself feel quite disheartened by all the corrections.  Some correctors offer encouraging words.  Others slash with glee.  I am a ball of frustration and disappointment.

I can’t TELL you how much I want to progress with learning Korean.  I just don’t think I am.  AT ALL.  The good, the bad, and the ugly truth is that with each sentence correction that has popped up the past few days, I grew more depressed.  I couldn’t even look at the corrections, I was so low.  So to clear the slate, I am going to face them now, and then move past this.  Clearly, I lack enough confidence to be ready for the correct writing option at LingQ.

Hopefully, Glossika will give me plenty of chances to look at sentences and come to understand them better.

6 things to remember when receiving feedback

June 9 – KOREAN: Hello. I am learning Korean.

Requested:  Correct Writing

안녕하세요. 나는 한국어 배우고. 제 이름은 쥴리아예요. 미국 사람이에요. Berkshires에서 왔어요.


  1. Missing ~를
  2. Verb changed.  I don’t know how to conjugate verbs, so I have no idea why.


June 10 – KOREAN: She writes well. Perfect English. Well done! My blog is too much English to read.

Requested:  Correct Writing
그녀는 잘 쓴다.
완벽한 영어. 잘했어어요! 너 참 멋져어요!
내 블로그가 너무 많은 영어 읽어요.
  1. I didn’t understand the different politeness levels and how to match the pronoun to the right politeness.
  2. “She writes well” is about as complex as my sentences get.  “She writes writings well” is a new sentence pattern for me.
  3. “My blog is too much English to read” far too complex a sentence for now.  First time seeing an adverb sentence pattern.


Five weeks after the first correct, tlee submits another sentence correction.  It is different, but I don’t understand.


June 10 – KOREAN: I have only been eating Korean food for 2 years.

Requested:  Correct Writing
내가 제일 좋아하는 한국 음식은라면이어요.
불고기는 정말 맛있는 음식이지요.
저는 단지 2 년 동안 한국 음식을 먹고있어요.
My reaction to seeing these sentences was “did I write that?  I can’t understand it.   The correction is even more baffling.  Maybe some day I will appreciate this.  Now, total mystery.

June 10 –  KOREAN: Retired, programmer, life insurance, Italian food

Requested:  Correct Writing
퇴직 했어요. 저는 컴퓨터 프로그래머 이에요, 저는 수년 생명 보험 등 일했다.이탈리아 음식을 먹었어요.
1.  Spacing continues to elude me.  I took that sentence directly from my book.
2.  Third sentence something about verb.  I don’t know.  Haven’t learned that yet.  New sentence pattern.
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