Glossika – Hanja and IPA

Glossika presents me with 4 versions of every sentence.  English, Korean & Hanja, Korean, and IPA.

The Hanja seems straight forward.




One complaint is  I would have preferred the KOREAN as the first line or even the second line, not down on the third line.  It’s like Korean is the middle child no one loves, where as the authors seem fond of Chinese and IPA.  When I am glancing back and forth between the Glossika manual and other things, I often find myself on the Hanja line which I only discover when I bump into an unrecognizable character.  Another complaint is it is simply difficult to read the small type.

Glossika Mass Sentences


In understand the sounds of IPA, I tried this interactive IPA chart.  IPA remains a confusing mystery.  I couldn’t even find all the IPA letters.  Here are the ones I found:

ipa_b ipa_f ipa_g ipa_h ipa_j ipa_m ipa_n ipa_t ipa_v ipa_w




I studied the introduction in the Glossika book.  I remain confused.  For now, I shall shelf the IPA section of the sentences until enlightenment.



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