Living Language

Living Language has a mobile app and online tools that are FREE and excellent. Even without purchasing the audio and books, this is a great learning resource.

Living Language Korean Complete is a set of books, audio, and online tools.

  • 3 Books: 46 Korean language lessons, additional review exercises, extensive glossaries and grammar summaries—plus, a bonus notebook for extra practice space.
  • 9 Audio CDs: Korean Vocabulary, dialogues, and audio exercises
  • FREE Online Learning from Language Lab: Flashcards, games, and interactive quizzes for each lesson.

The course covers from Beginner to Advanced.  At $50, it is an excellent value.

The writing book has work pages for practicing Hangul writing.

The audio program is much more interesting to listen to than others I have used.  Not a dull listing of vocabulary slowly repeated, but instead a variety of activities switching between vocabulary, mini stories, grammar lessons, and practice putting it all together, for an engaging program.

The online language lab has tools which closely match the lessons.  Excellent for reinforcing what has been learned with book and audio.

There was nothing of any value to Korean learners in their Forums, Blog, or Free resources, except perhaps their Korean travel phrase book.

The only thing the online version seems to offer that you don’t get with the books/audio is their e-tutoring sessions for live practice with native Korean speakers.  $150 for the online course vs. $50 for the books, audio, and online language lab seems excessive.

LL_IPadFree Mobile app available for IPad & IPhone.


Living Languages Lab

LL Matching GameLL Sentence Builder

I would recommend using this product.  I especially liked the matching card game and sentence builder.


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