Not only in your mind but with your tongue

As you proceed through the Glossika Spaced Repetition (GSR) program,

“10 days … 20 days … 30 days … as so many sentence patterns are repeated and new vocabulary introduced, your pattern recognition ability will really strengthen and foreign language will just open up to you.  If you have been repeating everything as you go along, you’ll have discovered a new ability to manipulate this new language not only in your mind but with your tongue as well.” – Glossika Mass Sentences, Korean, Complete Fluency Course, Mike Campbell, Yi Jisoo

Foreign language will just open up to you

That is certainly my goal.  When I started writing to Korean pen pals in February, I fully expected there would be this ah-ha moment and the sky would open up, a hallelujah chorus would sing, and I would have sudden enlightenment about Korean and burst into sentences with all this hidden vocabulary that had snuck into my brain just by watching Korean dramas.

I was delusional.  (I laugh at myself every day.)

Effort and Reward

Having never succeeded at learning Spanish, I had no idea the work it would take to actually speak a language.  It is WAY more hours than I had ever previously imagined.  I already thought people who could speak multiple languages were amazing.  Now I think of the effort like that of a concert pianist.  You too can gain the skill, if you are willing to devote 10 hours a day for years.  Phew, seems so impossible!

New Skills

I acknowledge that I am a slow learner.  I know there are issues that make acquiring Korean difficult for me.  So I will simply have to work harder at it. Like every academic challenge I’ve faced, I will keep at it with determination.

At this point, the idea of typing 10 sentences in Korean every day seems like a big task.  Similarly, to write down 10 sentences in Korean by hand is also a slow process of ugly scrawl.  Recording myself speak 10 sentences has cringe-worthy results. Acquiring typing, handwriting, and speaking skills takes practice.

Glossika’s process adds in extra skills

  • listening to audio and transcribing
  • rephrasing sentences
  • recognizing sentence patterns and grammar
  • vocabulary building
  • substituting to make new ideas with the same sentence

These activities will bring skills in spelling, listening, memorization, analysis, grammar, sentence structure and word order.


Give me a minute while I catch my breath.  That is a tall order.  I am eager about it, but I am standing at the base of the mountain looking up at the peak thinking “Whoa, I’m going to climb all the way up there?”  Just like a hike, I know I can do it, one step at a time.  I know the view from the top will be worth the climb.

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