Young on adventure in Korea

Scott YoungScott Young embarked on an adventure.  Learn 4 languages in a year. Currently, he is learning Korean by living there three months.  Scott Young has already reached his halfway point.

To prep, Scott did the following studying

Anki = 16 hours
Pimsleur = 15 hours
TalkToMeInKorean = 15 hours
Tutoring = 7 hours
Total = 53 hours

In a humbling moment, I realized that if I had to make a similar list it would look like this:

Anki/Memrise = 2 hours
Pimsleur = 10 hours
TalkToMeInKorean = 2 hours
Tutoring/online class = 10 hours
Total = 24 hours

Am I actually really studying?  In my defense, it has been a process to get me to warm up to the idea I want to study, time to look around and see what tools are out there, and trial and error to find what works for me.

I started in February in the dark ages with slow internet, no phone, no software installed to communicate with people, no way to listen to audio, not knowing any person who spoke Korean.  It is really only since Glossika’s Mass Sentences arrived July 17th that I feel like I am finally studying.

What kind of delusional world was I living in that I thought I would be able to learn how to write Korean by reading a text book once and have a dictionary handy to look up words?  Maybe it is good that I was so naive.  I don’t think I would have had the courage to embark on this journey if I had any clue what a huge commitment it would be.

So hats off to Scott, who is bravely learning 4 languages in a year by immersion.  I admire his adventure to spend a year without speaking English.  I hope his journey in Korea brings him both knowledge and friendships.

Meanwhile, I’m off to read more from Scott about holistic learning.

Rote memorization forces you to pound information into your skull with the hopes that it will stick later.

Holistic learning does the opposite. Instead of memorizing, you learn by making connections between ideas. This is closer to how your brain actually works, and it allows you to “get” a subject, not just spit out a list of formulas.

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  1. jolandacaterina says:

    As I told you:
    Scott is a great example and motivation for me!
    Since a long time!


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