No more new input!

Johnny 5I’ve been on a data binge.  Like Johnny 5 from the movie “Short Circuit”, I was furiously gathering new input.  Then I woke up Sunday and suddenly, I had the Hangul Headache and couldn’t focus to add even one more fact into my brain.

I realized I needed time to consolidate and absorb what I have been studying.  All I wanted to do was organize and review.

What I actually did was reorder my bookshelf.

Turns out, I needed to file away things I am not working on to make room for focusing on learning Korean.


Can your learning benefit from a day of organizing your work area?

Remove anything distracting like unread magazines, books about last year’s hobby, that half finished craft project, a stack of paperwork waiting to be filed, all those things that drain away your energy and leave you feeling guilty.  All those things that pull you away from the task at hand, which is studying efficiently.


Review everything I have learned

I need another day to consolidate.  I want to review everything I have learned so far in Korean Digital Academy.  I want to rewrite my notes, rewatch the videos, and retake the quizzes.

I want to play with felt, crayons, index cards, color forms, and paper.  I’m thinking about sentences, patterns, grammar with some ideas I want to play with until I understand them without the burden of listening to audio, creating LingQ lessons, learning new vocabulary, making Memrise decks and mems, or watching new videos with even more things to learn.

One more day of no new input.  It is the breather I need at this stage in my learning.

short circuit

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4 Responses to No more new input!

  1. Naahh says:

    I’m feeling just like you! I needed a pause because I felt that I couldn’t focus anymore… I mean, I didn’t stop with korean, I just stopped trying to get new words and grammar. I felt like my head was going to explode and I just couldn’t learn anything new 😦 Now I’m just reviewing what I learned before while trying to rest my mind 🙂
    I saw that you’re trying that Glossika Method, right? How is it going? Does It work? ^^


    • jreidy17 says:

      So far, I am really enjoying the Glossika mass sentences. Steve complained he would never be interested in the content, therefore he would hate listening to sentences. However, I find the sentences interesting because they present different sentence structures without bogging me down with grammar. It gives my mind a chance to chew on how sentences are put together and how I could modify them to say something different. They are all basic sentences I want to learn how to say, so far.

      I don’t know how I will feel in 3 months or a year, but 10 days into using the Glossika Mass Sentences, I give it a thumbs up.

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      • Naahh says:

        Thanks! Good to know that it’s working for you, I’m really thinking about giving it a try. I’m reading good reviews about this method… Actually, I’m just a bit unsure because I like learning grammar and being able to know why the sentence is formed that way and not just repeating and memorizing… I’m trying to think how to work with Glossika Method together with the Yonsei/Ewha books I’m using… Do you know of anyone that tried this method this way?


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