Handwriting & Glossika Day 5

Can you write Korean by hand?  Below is me writing out the 10 sentences for Day 5 of Glossika Mass Sentences.  Clearly, the answer for me is no, I can’t.  Haha.  I laugh at myself every day.handwriting


I am using Living Language’s Reading and Writing book.  I am using TenguGo Hangul phone app.  I bought myself a manuscript tablet and graph paper.

This is a process.  I will have to eventually get up the courage to ask some Koreans to look at my scrawl and make corrections.  I had this idea I was going to just breeze through the handwriting exercises in the Living Languages book in a day.  The truth is that handwriting is a skill I am just going to have to practice over time.  It won’t all happen in a day.

Clearly the smart thing would have been to learn the stroke order in the first place rather than just do whatever I wanted to make the Hangul letters.  I have bad habits to break. The danger of self-teaching is you can teach yourself entirely incorrect things.

On the plus side, learning the stroke order for ㄹ gave me a process to help overcome the flipping of ㄹto 5 in my writing.  Now I am just going to have to pick one letter at a time and focus on drilling it’s stroke order into my muscle memory.  I think I will start with ㅁ, ㅂ, ㅊ, ㅈ.

Now here are some examples of my very first attempts to write Hangul two years ago. They make me laugh.

Boys Over Flowers - My first KDrama.  I wrote down all the character names.  I tried to write the title in  Hangul.

My first KDrama. I wrote down all the character names. I tried to write the title in Hangul.


One final funny observation.  I am incredibly embarrassed by learning how to write Hangul.  When I bought the children’s writing pad, Ultra-writer, I felt the same depth of shame as I do buying sanitary napkins or condoms.   하하

In any event, getting feedback on my handwriting is going to be difficult for me. In this electronic age, one can get by without writing by hand often, but I still want to learn.


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One Response to Handwriting & Glossika Day 5

  1. Naahh says:

    I think my writing skills are better now because I tried to write everything I could from the beginning… I took the Sogang Online lessons and copied all the dialogues, stories, etc to my notebook and some I even copied twice. The difference between the first and the last page is really noticeable. Of course I still have a lot to learn and my handwriting is really far from being perfect, but I’m happy with my current level… 🙂 I think that one can only improve if one keeps trying again and again and again…
    I also used this TenguGo Hangul app and this is really the best in my opinion! 🙂


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