Asking three questions in a row

I believe in catching someone doing something right.  🙂  I try to notice my progress, even in small ways.

Tonight, in a Skype conversation with my Korean mentor, I asked three questions in a row.

Tell me a little about him.  이름이 뭐여요?

몇 살 이에요?

한국 사람이에요?

I was just composing a fourth question to ask if the person was married, when he told me the man was single.

Three questions in a row, in real time, typed in Korean as we chatted.  Well, I was impressed!  That is progress for me.

What do all those questions have in common?  They all came from Glossika’s Mass Sentences.  Sure, I learned them elsewhere, but the Glossika process of hearing, writing, dictation, pronunciation improvement, and transcribing yielded some ready phrases when I was in the chat tonight.  Wow.

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