Classroom game: Who am I?

Tonight I asked my Korean mentor “Tell me something about yourself that I don’t know.”  It sparked an interesting discussion.

In classrooms, teachers use games as icebreakers.  I wish that I could play a game of “Who Am I?” with my fellow classmates.  I imagine us sitting around with post-it notes on our foreheads like “Nurse 간호사”, “Lawyer 변호사”, “Teacher 선생님”, “Student 학생”, “Doctor 의사”,  and have to ask each other questions IN KOREAN to figure out who we are. Add in some 맥주, and this could be a lot of fun.

Of course, the words do not need to be professions, but could be any vocabulary you are learning.

It would certainly get us students asking and answering questions, and probably laughing a lot too.

Here are some other classroom games  36 Interesting Ways to Get To Know Your Class

As a way to practice at home, can you fill out in Korean the answers to these questions about yourself?  About your classmates, family members, friends, tutor?

Who I am


It’s not learning, it’s just having fun.

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