The first Korean homonym I learned was 사과 (apple, apology) from “Boys Over Flowers”. Homonym is 동음 이의어.

I was thinking today about different ways to group the words I have learned in Korean. How many words sound the same but have different meanings?   How many rhyme?  How many have the same number of syllables?  How many start with the same letter?  How many are from the same category of word (people, animals, food, etc.)?  How many are the same parts of speech?

If I spread out all the words I know, what connections could I make between them?  For example, there are a lot of “12” things – months, parts of speech, hours in time, categories.

How many are concrete things I can picture? In English, articles, homonyms, and abstracts I can not picture  cause me struggles.  How many of those 150 Korean words from Memrise are things I can’t picture?  As I try to chew on and digest new vocabulary, I look at the words from many angles.  It is part of my consolidating process.

homonymIn the book “Dreaming in Chinese: Mandarin Lessons in Life, Love, and Language”, the author told of “The Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den” by Chao Yuen Ren.  Chao’s story is 92 repetitions of the syllable shi.  Wow!


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