Be a Multilingual – BAM Korean

Peter Floyd from KDA shared a Hangul-stroke-order-handwriting-fonts PDF to help me with learning handwriting in Korean.

hangul stroke order

This led me to the creators of this document.  Be a Multilingual … BAM Korean.

Here they describe websites to learn Korean, two of which I hadn’t found yet and can’t wait to explore!bam

BAM! site looks like it was started by someone learning Korean and is still under construction.  Maybe this is an upcoming indegogo project.  If so, looks interesting.



I wonder if I should look at the various Korean fonts and pick a style to emulate for my own handwriting.

I also noticed ThingLink. I will have to explore later it’s capability to use photos to link to content for my blog. ThingLink’s Rich Media Tags have been developed for several social content platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, SoundCloud and Twitter.

bam thinglink

I found Universal Design for Learning. An intriguing site about teaching to explore some other day.

universal design for learning



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