Korean Provinces

S Korea Part of learning Korean language includes learning the names of places and the geography.

Some day, I would love to figure out what Korean dramas filmed in which areas.  I do know some of the places simply because that’s where my pen pals are.  🙂

If Koreans can learn the 50 state names for United States of America, then I can learn 9 Provinces.



Name Hangul Hanja Capital Region
North Chungcheong 충청북도 忠清北道 Cheongju Hoseo
South Chungcheong 충청남도 忠清南道 Hongseong Hoseo
Gangwon 강원도 江原道 Chuncheon Gwandong
Gyeonggi 경기도 京畿道 Suwon Sudogwon
North Gyeongsang 경상북도 慶尙北道 Daegu Yeongnam
South Gyeongsang 경상남도 慶尙南道 Changwon Yeongnam
Jeju 제주도 濟州道 Jeju City Jejudo
North Jeolla 전라북도 全羅北道 Jeonju Honam
South Jeolla 전라남도 全羅南道 Muan Honam

Provinces are the first-level division within South Korea. There are 9 provinces도in South Korea:  North Chungcheong충청북도, South Chungcheong충청남도, Gangwon강원도, Gyeonggi경기도, North Gyeongsang경상북도, South Gyeongsang경상남도, Jeju제주도, North Jeolla전라북도, South Jeolla전라남도.

Special cities have equal status to provinces.  The cities are Seoul서울, Busan부산, Daegu대구, Incheon인천, Gwanju광주and Ulsan울산.

Name Hangul


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