Glossika – First 50 Sentences

I am beginning to think of the Glossika sentences as “mine” and feeling a mixture of fond feelings and camaraderie.   We are spending a lot of time together, after all.  haha

This post will describe how I am working with the first 50 sentences from Glossika.

I thought I would compare the 166 words from the Memrise 1000 Korean Words list to the words used in Glossika’s first 50 sentences.  I want to have a sentence for each of those 166 words.  However, I only found 8 words the same.

While Glossika is focused on complete sentences, I did want to look at the words that make up those short sentences.  Turns out there are about 93 words in those 50 sentences.  Here they are with the ones I have to work on memorizing highlighted.  (As always, any mistakes are mine, please correct me if you see errors.)

words 50 glossika sentences

Part of the process is to take the sentences and transform them.  Here is my attempt at that, probably riddled with mistakes.  I’m still at the stage where I am piecing together phrases I have heard or tweaking existing sentences.  I have no skill at making my own sentences, but I think looking at how sentences are made is a good start.

Remember, these are sample sentences, not necessarily the real facts!  Also, I am using a less formal speech level than I would in actual life because Glossika seems to have chosen banmal.  I am much more polite when talking to real Koreans, especially someone I just met.

이름이 뭐야? What’s your name?
쥴리아 이야. My name is Julia.
이름이 뭐야? What’s your name?
제임스 이야. My name is James.
어디서 왔어? Where are you from?
미국 사람이에요. I’m an American.
매사추세츠에서 왔어. I’m from Massachusetts.
어디서 왔어? Where are you from?
서울에서 왔어. I’m from Seoul.
미국은 아주 큰 나라다. America is a very big country.
몬트리올 내 집은 5 시간이다 Montreal is 5 hours from my house.
몬트리올은 미국에 있지 않다. Montreal isn’t in the United States.
몇살이야? How old are you?
난 쉰살이야. I’m 50 years old.
몇살이야? How old are you?
나이가 많다.   쉰아홉살이다. I’m an old man.  I’m 59 years old.
결혼 하셨어요? Are you married?
아니요. 아직 미혼입니다. No, I’m single.
결혼 하셨어요? Are you married?
네. Yes.
무슨 일해? What’s your job?
퇴직 했어요. I am retired.
난 부자가 아니야. I’m not rich.
무슨 일해? What’s your job?
난 선생님이야. I’m a teacher.
좋아하는 색은 뭐야? What’s your favorite color?
파랑섹을 좋아해. My favorite color is blue.
무엇에 관심 있으세요? What are you interested in?
음악에 관심 있어. I’m interested in music.
오늘 바람이 많이 부네. It’s windy today.
코트 여기 있습니다. Here’s your coat.
손이차가워. My hands are cold.
오늘 덥지 않다. It isn’t hot today.
밥 먹었니? Have you eaten?
아니, 아직 안 먹었어. No, not yet.
난 배고프다. I’m hungry.
배고프지 않아. 근데 목이말라. I’m not hungry, but I’m thirsty.
저기 내 진구야. Look, there’s my friend.
그녀의 자식들은 학교에 있다. Her children are at school.
지각했네. You’re late.
아니야 지각 안했어!  일찍 왔어.  – No, I’m not! I’m early.
남편은 어디예요? Where’s your husband?
그는 아프다. 침대에 누워있다. He’s sick.  He’s in bed.
내 여동생은 간호사야. My sister’s a nurse.
그녀는 집에 없어.  그녀는 직장에 있어. She isn’t at home.  She’s at work.
난 피곤하다. I’m tired.
난 피곤하지 않다. I’m not tired


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