Glossika files

New to Glossika, I am still a bit befuddled by all the pieces.  Here is a quick review:

Fluency Level 1 has the following items:

  1. A electronic book PDF (EBK) with a list of all 1000 sentences.
  2. Glossika Mass Sentences (GMS) audio files
  3. Glossika Spaced Repetition Sentences (GSR) audio file


In the audio files, it has A, B, and C files

  • A Files: Source language (cue) – Target language 2x  (8 – 12 minutes)
  • B Files: Source language (cue) – space to translate – Target language
  • C Files: Target language only 1x   (4 – 5 minutes)


You could listen to all 20 of the “C” files from Fluency Level 1 in an hour and a half.  When they say to listen to all the sentences before beginning the program, this is what they meant.

I promised to share the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I didn’t read the directions correctly and thought I had to listen to all the files before I started the program.  That is 492 files that would have taken 5.4 days of non-stop listening.  No wonder I stopped that after a few hours … haha … I laugh at myself every day.



The Glossika Spaced Repetition files, in contrast to the Mass Sentences, repeat the sentences.  You just listen to one file a day for 100 days.  Audio files average 15 minutes.  It includes review of sentences learned in previous 4 days.



Compare the simple Glossika process of just listening to one audio a day, to the more complicated but comprehensive process of using the Mass Sentences.


The Mass Sentences process looks daunting, but really all it is advocating is spend half an hour a day working with the sentences.  Do different things with the sentences until you really know them and are comfortable using them.  Hear enough sentences, and patterns will become clear.

I imported all the Glossika files to my ITunes in one step by using “File menu | Add folder to Library”.

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7 Responses to Glossika files

  1. felix says:

    Finally someone explained what Glossika’s products actually are, and even how to use them! Who’s image is that for the learning cycle?


  2. Cat says:

    Hi Julia! Thank you for a very informative post. I would like to know how you are progressing with Glossika. I am very interested with getting the Fluency pack for Hungarian but I haven’t read a lot of reviews about it. Thank you and lots of luck with your Korean journey!

    Liked by 1 person

    • jreidy17 says:

      I love Glossika. I think I started using it too soon, before I could even conjugate verbs or understand different politeness levels. After about 150 sentences, I regretfully put it aside while taking a Korean course to learn the basics of verb conjugation and sentence grammar. I couldn’t manage to juggle both Glossika and Korean Digital Academy at the same time. I have just 2 more weeks left of KDA class, and I will be picking Glossika back up then. I am eager. I have missed Glossika Mass Sentences.


      • Cat says:

        Thank you for your reply! It looks like I need to get this soon. In their website, they said their most basic course is the ones called “Intro” but I couldn’t find anything lower than the Fluency series. I guess I need to finish the intro level of my Hungarianpod before I start with Fluency. 🙂


      • Courtney says:

        Hi Julia, I found your blog when I Googled Glossika Korean. I don’t understand when to use the GMS audio files and when to use the GSR audio files. Do you listen to the GMS file first and then proceed to a corresponding GSR file? I hate to admit it but I find it a little confusing. But my listening comprehension skills are absolutely horrible so I really need to jump into Glossika. Thanks for any advice.

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        • jreidy17 says:

          When I want to drill in sound and sentences into my head, I use the one that repeats the sentences. When I want to practice writing, I use the single sentence audio files. Use them for a while, you will get a feel for which style you prefer.


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