Color and website design

I suppose I have always loved color, from my first box of crayola crayons and watercolor paints. Learning language has brought an urge to understand with color.

I know enough design principles to understand about web safe colors and color palettes. I have enough concept of beauty and page layout to find my own website to be discordant and cluttered. Yet I compromise spending the time to design professional looking graphics with consistent design and distinctive color scheme so that my focus is on the language learning.

I intentionally choose “quick and dirty”. My tools are Wordpad and Microsoft Paint.

I produce the color you see in posts by hand-coding in text view like this:


Color coding parts of speech


I squirrel away this site Color tools.  There is much more that I can do tech-wise to improve my website and my tools.  However, if it distracts too much from the task at hand of learning, then that isn’t good.  Technology is shiny and tempting, but I want to keep this blog a simple place to put my thoughts as I learn.  It is my personal journal, not a professional website.


Color coding categories of words

There are things I am working on to understand grammar and sentence structure with color and puzzle pieces.  You’ve seen a bit with Snap-together Grammar and Sentence Patterns.   There is more to come.

colors and shapes to understand word order and grammar

colors and shapes to understand word order and grammar




Maybe my coloring should stick to crayola crayons when I am using it for learning a language.  🙂

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