duoLingo Course – English for Koreans – closer to completion

duolingo progressToday, I thought to check on the status of the “English for Koreans” course on DuoLingo. It is still in Beta testing, but closer to completion now. I am very eager.

Unfortunately, I also managed to turn the interface language in Duolingo to Korean 한국어.  Which showed me my knowledge of Korean is not good enough to navigate a website.  Haha.  I laugh at myself every day.

English for Koreans course

English for Koreans course

Learn a little Korean along the way:

번역 선택 – Select Translation
회원님이 맞습니다. – You are correct.
문제 신고 – Report a problem
계속 – Continue

duolingo engkor


typing in Hangul


Oh, so a boy is 소년.  My mistake.  Whoopsie.


Apparently, I don’t know how to write “I am a woman” either.  Haha.  Am I really studying Korean?  Pitiful.


But I do know how to translate 남자 to ‘man’ in English.



Listening to English audio and typing isn’t much of a challenge for me.  하하


Too many mistakes, I have broken DuoLingo’s heart.  Doesn’t want to play with me any more today.

Since it is still in Beta, you can’t get experience points.  However, you can try it out to see what the course will be like.



About DuoLingo

keyboard shortcuts

keyboard shortcuts

답을 제출하고, 다음 화면으로 이동 – Enter – Submit answers and move to the next screen

객관식 문제의 답을 해당 번호키로 선택 – 123 – Answers to multiple choice questions, select the corresponding number key

객관식 선택 목록의 항목 간 이동 – arrows – Select an item in the list to move between multiple choice

음성 재생 – ctrl-space – audio playback

오디오 저속 재생 – ctrl-space-shift – audio slow play

(How helpful that the keyboard shortcuts are the same no matter what the interface language.)



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