The Job p.2

In Chapter one of “The Job”, the basic things that are being established are as follows.

  • Ned Allen is a sales manager 판매 부장.
  • Ned has several employees 종업원 who report to him.
  • Ned calls a customer 손님, Don Dowling.
  • Ned’s boss 소장 Chuck Zanussi calls.
  • Ned is in debt 부채.
  • The story takes place in 1998 in Manhattan.

The rest is superfluous information.

Page 2 starts with Ned on a telephone call 전화 with Don Dowling.


back-of-book double-pager [noun 명사] – a type of advertisement 광고 space in magazine 잡지  Also called double-spreader.

ninety-five grand [number 숫자] – $95,000 USD

circulation [noun] – 부수 部數 (신문·잡지 등의 수효) number of copies of magazine sold (판매 부수)

stats – short for statistics [noun] – 통계 the number from a rating agency that measures circulation

for my money – English idiom which means in my opinion (since he is the customer, it is his money he is spending, so his opinion on how to spend that money is important)

marketing – 마케팅  business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

marketing campaign [noun] – 마케팅 캠페인 promotion of a product through different mediums (television, radio, print, online) using a variety of different types of advertisements.

niche marketing – A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The product is aimed at satisfying specific market needs (price, quality, demographics).  For example, luxury goods sold to the wealthy is a niche market.

you wouldn’t bite – fishing analogy.  The potential customer did not make a purchase.

song and dance – the sales pitch

relationship – the way two or more people or organizations are connected.  In this example, Ned is trying to establish a long-term relationship with Don Dowling to do business, whereas Don Dowling only saw it as a one-time purchase of advertising.

one-night stand

  1. informal – a sexual relationship lasting only one night.
  2. a single performance of a play or show in a particular place

talk her into bed  – seduce a woman to have sex with persuasive talk

flatter [verb 동사] – 아첨하다 lavish insincere praise upon (someone) to further one’s own interests.

covering old ground – repeating the same sales pitch

Get a life – An insult.  Stop pressuring me to make the sale.  You are obsessed and need to have other activities in your life.



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