This and that

I got confused when answering flashcards about ‘this’ and ‘that’.

Looking up in the dictionary wasn’t much help.

this and that

Bae Sohyun 선생님 cleared up my confusion:

이것(이거) – this
그것/저것(그거/저거) – that
it can be 그것 and 저것 both.
이거 – closer to speaker (이거 얼마에요? How much is this?)
그거 – closer to listener (그거 주세요. – Give me that)
저거 – far from both speaker and listener (저거 뭐에요? – What is that over there?)

Where I seem to run into trouble is when I am working a Memrise deck and they ask for “that”, what do I respond?  I sort of have to know which ‘that’ this deck wants.  It gets more complicated when you add in similar words.


This got me wondering about these and those.  Turns out they are perfectly logical with the addition of 들.


So, to summarize,
This (singular) and these (plural) are used to describe people and things close to us.
That (singular) and those (plural) are used to describe things that are not near us.


Just for fun, here is the British Counsel’s Verb Machine game.  Korean Digital Academy promises I will finally get some verbs in Level 2, so maybe I can make a Korean verb game 🙂

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