Language learning style

What is your style of learning a second language?  Do you stick to one book series?  One website?  Do you have several sources you learn from?  Do you have a plan, a schedule, a process?

Online software

I’m approaching my Korean language learning like dating a lot of men. Korean Digital Academy is my “main squeeze” with Glossika and 1000 Korean words Memrise list the next two in line for my attention. Chatting with Korean pen pals doesn’t happen as much as I would like, because studying is taking up so much time. Studying for CSAT vocabulary is next in line. LingQ and Mindpasta I usually see every day. I feel so regretful that Mango isn’t getting much attention, because I just love that software, and it is good that DuoLingo hasn’t come out with their Korean yet because that software certainly has a siren call for me.


Then there are the books. Living Languages audio program is getting listened to with every car ride, but I haven’t had a chance to read their beginner book. Other books call out to me. I pick a new one up every day, read a little, never feels like enough. Since I started KDA, I haven’t finished any book. Only “Read and Speak Korean” and “Mastering Conversational Korean” get referred to daily and are always within arm’s reach.

There’s more

Then of course there is my blog.  There is so much I want to add to the blog, and it all takes snippets of my time.  Talk To Me In Korean deserves a mention too, although I haven’t even finished Level 1’s grammar lessons there yet.  Korean Champ, you are great, but I don’t have time for you now.  EasyToLearn Korean and Oxford Picture Dictionary are building my vocabulary slowly, along with numerous paper and electronic flashcards including Tuttle Flashcards for Kids.

I am a player when it comes to Korean language learning.

I get a lot of variety, but perhaps don’t achieve the depth I would if I were just sticking to one book.  Hmm.

Dear readers, will you share with me what you do to learn Korean?

As I slowly change from someone who was just browsing originally to someone committed to memorizing many Korean words and learning the grammar so that I can speak, I may need to change my learning style to make better use of my time and be more focused.  It means setting aside some things I really enjoy doing, like Mango, so I have more time to memorize vocabulary.  I just don’t have it figured out yet.  Self-learning is interesting, but I feel unqualified to be my own teacher sometimes.  The best I can do is observe what is happening during the process.  The good, the bad, the ugly, I share it all with my readers.

P. S.  Most of the people who wander through these blog pages got here because a search engine suggested I might have something to say on a topic that interests them. It means my site traffic is lots of single page hits. I find it amusing to look at what pages people have dug up. Today it was one I wrote back when I started the blog in February 2014: Maybe if I drink my KDrama friends won’t notice I can’t speak a word of Korean I enjoyed rereading it and thinking about how far I have come in 5 months.

Here are some responses when I asked this question of the KDA ROKstars:



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