Woman 여성 or 여자?

I asked Chulmoon for assistance with three vocabulary words I have been struggling to remember.  He gave me insight into the Chinese character vs. Native Korean word use.  I got a glimpse that I am missing nuance of meaning in Korean with my current level of knowledge.


-. 못하다 : Meaning is ‘can’t do it’.
Example : 나는 수영을 못하다. ( I can’t swim.)

-. 가지 :  Meaning is ‘a sort of’ like picture.
Example : 오이에는 두 가지 형태가 있다. 긴 오이와 짧은 오이다.
    Cucumber has two kinds of shapes. Long one and short.

-. 여성 :
Meaning is same as ‘여자’.
It’s easy if you think ‘여자’ is Korean, ‘여성’ is Chinese character.
Example : 여성은 아름답다. and 여자는 아름답다.
     Woman is beautiful.
    Difference is nuance.
    Old generation experienced using Chinese character.
    Younger generation likes to use Korean.
     Like ‘감사합니다.’ and ‘고맙습니다.’
     It’s not sure.
     It just depend on speaker’s life experience.

Yes. Sometimes, speaker’s personality appears their speaking.

Is it? (그렇지요?)

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