Glossika Korean Basic

One of my problems with language learning is I don’t get to hear people casually speaking around me.  Perhaps one of the reasons I like Glossika is that it has the sort of mundane sentences you would hear in conversations.

You can get the first few Korean lessons free from iTunes.

There is something kind of magical about hearing sentences, many similar, and getting the rhythm for how sentences are put together.  I have been listening to Glossika for several weeks, and the sentences do not bore me.  It activates my brain.  It is a challenge for me.


Sentences agreeing and disagreeing, saying I am hungry, tired, asking where things and people are, what the weather is like, someone’s name, occupation, marital status, and so forth. This is small talk. This is what our daily conversations often consist of. Slowly, these sentences I am learning are seeping into conversations I have with Koreans. I find it rather amazing when I can actually retrieve a sentence to use in real time. I have a long way to go, but I feel positive that Glossika is a positive force in my language learning.

Glossika is offering Korean Basic for $24.  This is the first 1000 sentences in electronic book, Glossika mass sentences (GMS) audio, and Glossika spaced repetition (GSR) audio.

I’m not affiliated with Glossika.  I just really like their product.

learning cycle

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