Glossika flashcards

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I’m still trying to figure things out. I know that I was trying to do everything at once, and that was too much. I want to devote myself to the full Glossika process, but I don’t have time with everything else I am doing.

Here is my Glossika process at the moment.
1. Listen to the Glosskia Spaced Repetition for the day.
2. Type up the sentences.
3. Import the sentences to LingQ, and check the words I do not know.
4. Import the sentences into Memrise. Create flashcards (mems).
5. Discuss the sentences with folks at Mindpasta.

Memrise helps me look closely at the sentences as I work through their multiple choice and arrange the words in the sentence testing. Where things get dicey is when I have to type the entire sentence, because it is hard to remember the sentence exactly (was there 난, 나는, or was “I” left off? what level of politeness do they need?) Plus, Memrise isn’t content if I type the sentence correctly once, it keeps quizzing me to drill the sentence into my brain, which means it takes a long time to work through 10 sentences. Making Mem/Flashcards is fun, but the typing of sentences over and over becomes a real grind.

What is clearly missing is dictation and transcribing.

I still seem pretty shy about speaking the sentences out loud, even alone. I need to for improving my pronunciation, but I lack confidence.

I can not listen to the Glossika and write the sentence down. Too hard for me. I also don’t fully understand the grammar and politeness levels. I haven’t gotten that far in my studies yet. So learning Glossika sentences is still rote memorization. My hope is later when the grammar is covered in class, light bulbs will go off for me as I remember specific sentences.

I think my brain is chewing on the sentences and coming to understand word order. Learning Korean is so slow for this self-learner. I might spend 4 hours on the process of doing the 10 sentences. I dawdle for 20 minutes on making one flashcard.

Fluent Forever describes his process, and it sounds so fast. Macros to open up all the web pages at once. Pick an image and paste in the audio in a minute or two. Efficient, productive, intense, and then done. I’m such a slow turtle by comparison. I want to linger and admire my artwork. I go over the sentences over and over again until I correct all my errors. I’m totally using brute force as well as humor, relating to something I know, and mnemonics to try to remember.

Is learning suppose to be this hard?

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