A is for apple, ㄱ is for 가방

Children learn their letters in association with objects.  A is for apple.  B is for ball.   As adults, we sometimes still revert to this when someone can’t understand the letter we are saying.  “F as in Frank.”

I have run into problems with attempting to explain what letters I am trying to pronounce to a Korean person over the phone.  ‘ㄱ’  gieok 기억 as in 가방. Consonants at least have names, but vowels are just called what they sound like.  So it would be helpful if I memorize a list of objects to go with each letter of the Hangul alphabet.

Here is a game for you.  Match the object with the Korean letter.


Korean consonant names:

ㄱ = 기억 (gieok)
ㄴ = 니은 (nieun)
ㄷ = 디귿 (digeut)
ㄹ = 리을 (rieul)
ㅁ = 미음 (mieum)
ㅂ = 비읍 (bieub)
ㅅ = 시옷 (siot)
ㅇ = 이응 (ieung)
ㅈ = 지읒 (jieut)
ㅊ = 치읓 (chieut)
ㅋ = 키읔 (kieuk)
ㅌ = 티읕 (tieut)
ㅍ = 피읖 (pieup)
ㅎ = 히읗 (hieut)

The modern English alphabet uses Latin characters.  Around 100 languages today use the Roman alphabet, including French, Spanish, Dutch, and many African languages.


World distribution of Latin Alphabet


Solution:korean alphabet

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