Add1Challenge is three months of language learning with other people.  I signed up to get notified when the next challenge starts.  This resulted in the lovely surprise of emails in my inbox that were just what I need to hear right now.

“When you complete the Add1Challenge, you will be able to hold a 15 minutes conversation with a native speaker in 90 days.

There is a kind of magic to setting a goal or having an intention.  My goal solidified in my mind that I wanted to be able to make small talk with a Korean in 90 days.  That seems pretty far from where I am at the moment of still struggling to make a simple sentence.

5 Keys to be successful in your Add1Challenge

Brian Kwong sent me this email that I want to share with you.

Hi Julia

Let’s face it.

If you want any result in life, you will need to do something, no matter if you like doing it or not.

I am committed that you get results in the Add1Challenge, so here are 5 Keys that will empower you to succeed when you take on the Add1Challenge:

1) The Enthusiasm curve

No matter how excited you are when you start the Add1Challenge, you will have thoughts of quitting or not wanting to do the work sometime during the Add1Challenge.

And that’s okay.

It’s completely normal and to be expected while doing any long term project.

The trick is, when it happens, learn, practice and experiment how to pick yourself back up.

Once you know how to pick yourself back up, you can apply it to anything in life.

Might as well practice here in the Add1Challenge with other Add1Challengers 🙂

I wrote a more in-depth post about it here.

2) Marathon not a sprint 

Would you sprint and go ALL OUT at the start of a marathon? No right?

The Add1Challenge is a marathon not a sprint, so start slow and build on slowly.

90 days is not a long time but it ain’t short either, so take your time.

3) Balancing play time VS study time

If you spend 100% of time studying, you will either get bored very quickly or get burned out.

If you spend 100% of the time playing, like watching anime or listening to music in your target language, you won’t make much progress.

So learn how to make language learning fun with balancing play time and study time in mind

Watch this interview with Anthony Lauder, without his advice, I may not make it through my Add1Challenge.

If you apply the ideas in this interview, I guarantee you will get results.

This interview is THAT good.  So check it out.

4) Experimental playground

The Add1Challenge is your experimental playground!

Unless you are Benny Lewis, Luca Lampariello or Richard Simcott, you are probably still learning how to learn a language.

Some Add1Challengers in the last challenge said they learned more about how to learn a language then the actual language itself.

Which is totally awesome, why?

Because once you know what works best for you in how to learn a language, whats possible?

Any language will be in the palm of your hand.

And you will only get better at it.

This is why we have so many repeat Add1Challengers (25%+), because they are building on from the previous Add1Challenge.

So experiment and play!

5) Consistency is your new best friend

If you stay consistent and improve a little every day, you can master anything you want in life.

The problem is, most people suck at this.

If you participate the Add1Challenge according to our instructions (fully), it is designed to support you in building consistent habits, together with other language learners around the world.

You will not find a safer place to practice this because everyone in the Add1Challenge is committed.

You do not have to do a lot every day, focus on building consistency with habits

It will do wonders for you in your life.

That’s it!

For now, share the Add1Challenge video, like our facebook page and get ready for the next Add1Challenge!

I look forward to learn a language together with you soon!

Brian Kwong


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