Beginners practice Korean on Mindpasta

When you are a complete novice learning a language, one of the first things they teach you is greetings.  If you are in a class, you might greet your classmates, but what if you are a self-learner?  You might not have many places where you can say

안녕하세요! 잘 진내세요?  Hello, how are you doing?

circlesI’ve found that I have a very small set of words “at the ready” to speak.  I also discovered that even if I have heard a word many times and can say it, that doesn’t mean I know how to type it quickly in text messages with Koreans.  I knew “annyeonghaseyo” meant hello, but I hesitated over how to write that in Korean.  I would look it up and cut-and-paste to avoid misspelling.  You can’t do that in real time conversations.

Mindpasta to the rescue!

Mindpasta is a community of people who are learning Korean.  You won’t be looked at as odd by throwing in a Korean word here.  Here, I discovered a place where I could practice my Korean words, while having fun with friends.

The messages people write are short, so deciphering them is not hard work like a full page of Korean text would be.  New people are joining every day, so there are plenty of opportunities to greet and introduce yourself.  Folks say good morning and good night, at all different times, because they are in different time zones.  24 hours a day someone is on Mindpasta to talk to.  Native Koreans at Mindpasta like Ryan will give helpful assistance when you make a mistake, and the overall atmosphere is supportive.  The result is a safe place to practice your Korean.

Because people are at all different levels in their Korean learning, you will be exposed to a variety of ways people are acquiring Korean.  You can share what you are studying, and someone will surely write “Fighting!” to cheer you on.  When you are weary or frustrated, the Mindpasta people (MPers) will know where you are coming from.  Moreover, you will learn about common day things used in conversation as people talk about their lives.  KPop, KDrama, inspirational quotes, the weather, family, photos, and more keep things interesting.  Mindpasta changes every day.

Join us on Mindpasta today.



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