imfCue the music for Mission Impossible.  “Your mission, should you choose to accept it …”

I give myself assignments.  I get these wacky ideas, and add them to my internal “to do” list.  Because I give myself far more work that I could possibly accomplish, it leads to the feeling of being overwhelmed with language learning.  Luckily, I am also forgetful. I forget what I assigned myself, as other new ideas pop into my head. Haha!

A lot of these ideas are just ways I am playing with the language.  There is just so much I WANT TO DO with the Korean language.

In work, there are tools that can help people prioritize.  I led meetings where we would list the projects people wanted to do and following some Six Sigma techniques, come up with a reasonable priority list for the coming quarter or year.

Are you trying to do too much at once in your language learning?

Could you benefit from prioritizing what you work on?

Do play activities need to be prioritized?

Some of the ideas bopping in my head waiting to be done:

  • Draw Korean money.  Give myself a chance to really see each dollar and coin by sketching it.
  • Take the sentences I am learning and using color and/or shape to represent parts of speech, study the patterns of sentences
  • create a set of objects with the words I know and play with them.  Blocks, felt squares, puzzle pieces, index cards, color forms, construction paper.  I have many ideas for visualizing the language and seeing how to put words together to make sentences.
  • Photo safari.  Take pictures of all the places around town and make flashcards.
  • Convert grammar rules into my color-coded puzzle pieces to make it visual
  • Do more of my color-codes sentence patterns for understanding parts of speech
  • Finish my map with locations labeled in Korean
  • Make language puzzles like the game where the last syllable of one word becomes the first syllable of the next.  Make crossword puzzles, word searches, word to picture matching, etc.
  • Create my own reference pages.  I should be able to go to my own blog when I want to confirm numbers, months, days of week, colors, family, animals, etc.
  • All of my “known” KDA vocabulary, I should be able to look up in on place instead of the scribbled notes scattered all over my desk.
  • Reread everything I’ve written in my blog & index

There are more “missions” I have assigned myself, but you get the idea.  🙂

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