300 Words

Benny Lewis is taking over my life lately.  I am reading his “Fluent in 3 Months” and getting his emails.  Then ROKStar Erik Lionberger passed on an article from Benny’s blog  What You Can Do With The Most Common 300 Words in a Language.

I haven’t counted, but I probably do know around 300 words at this point.  However, I can’t make sentences yet.  I can’t put words together effectively.  What does it matter that I know 50 words for numbers and can count in both systems?  I know 10 colors, 20 family names, 12 months, 7 days of the week, 160 of the most frequent Korean words, plus what I have picked up from Korean Digital Academy’s Level 1 class and the Glossika Mass Sentences and other vocabulary here and there.

Beak Ji-min asked me to just speak Korean.  He wanted to hear my pronunciation. Impromptu, asked to randomly spew Korean, I stumbled.  I only have a few sentences at the ready.

I was encouraging Beak Ji-min that he probably already has enough vocabulary in English, and that what we need to do is come up with a series of sentences that he can practice so he has them ready for conversation so he isn’t struggling to construct sentences and getting tangled up in grammar rules and words he can’t quite pull from his memory quick enough.  It is advice I should take.

Somehow, I need to take what I know and convert it into things I can say.

Well, having a goal of making small talk by December 1 has set me on the path.  I hope in 3  months time I will impress myself with my progress.

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