Pronunciation & Grammaropolis

Here are some cartoons about pronunciation.  Ryan from Mindpasta started it with his notes on pronunciation (see below).

A few simple concepts about the Korean language help to bring together what looks like a bunch of random rules about when letters change.  Korean language is actually sensible when it comes to sound (unlike English).

What I want is a place like Grammaropolis, where little dancing characters cheerfully play with me and I learn the grammar while having fun.  I haven’t found the Korean equivalent yet.  Forgive me if my puzzling over pronunciation to process it isn’t as fun as Grammaropolis.

You probably already know that “under the letter” is the final consonant in a syllable called the batchim 받침.  자음동화 is consonant assimilation or consonant changes. 자음  is consonant. 동화 is assimilation.


ru1e2syllable final closure




Consonants are pronounced with a puff of air (aspirated), with muscle tension (tense), or if neither quality is present, they are simple (plain) consonants.


ㅎ can actually be made in many different parts of the mouth, depending on it’s vowel.

Let me give three examples of why I find Korean a sensible language to pronounce.

  1. Imagine having to pronounce ‘ssn’ in a word.  Wouldn’t it be easier to say ‘nn’?
  2. Say ‘habnida’ several times in a row.  Notice how you end up saying ‘hamnida’?
  3. Would you rather have to say ‘ngl’ or ‘n’?


You might also want to see Ryan’s examples by a native Korean and Pronunciation and Integrated Korean.

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