Weights & Measures

How do we weigh, measure, and count things in Korean?


Obviously, the metric system is used by everyone in the world except America, so learning the vocabulary and making the mental conversions take a bit of effort.  I discussed converting measures부피환산 with my Korean mentor today.

See this unit conversion tool which lists things in Korean, making it a good vocabulary lesson.   Tool has lengths, weights, and volumes.

For a more in depth look at traditional Korean measurement units before the metric system, see this article: Weights and Measures in East Asian Studies.  I have encountered some traditional measures with my Korean pen pals, such as converting acres to “pyeong”.




For the real quick estimates, I use a meter ~ yard, kilogram ~ 2 pounds, 2 liter ~ half gallon, bottle of soda, 150 cm ~ 5 ft tall, 60 kg ~ 130 lbs, 10 km ~ 6 miles.

단위(Unit) 센티미터(Cm) 미터(M) 인치(Inch) 피트(Feet) 야드(Yard) 마일(Mile)
단위(Unit) 그램(g) 킬로그램(Kg) 톤(Ton) 그레인(gr) 온스(oz) 파운드(lb)


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