Internet Friends

Over on Mindpasta, I wrote a post about friendship.  My conclusions

  • even when people speak different languages, they can still be friends.
  • internet friends can care for each other and become an important part of life.

internet-friends“I’ve done a lot of thinking about friendship this year. There are people I like. People I think of as friends. But I don’t even know their last name. I couldn’t tell you where they live. I accept what they decide to tell me, rather than probe to know details, because there is a kind of respect of privacy one observes with internet friends. I tend to judge quickly “I hit it off with this person”. Is that strange? I have genuine affection. I care for these people I have never met. Does anyone else experience that? Is friendship changing in the world because of the internet?

You can go to “Study_Julia” on MP to read everyone’s comments.

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