Keeping up with others

I don’t measure myself against others.  I sincerely rejoice in the good fortune of others.

If I were to credit one person with my attitude, it would be Sharon Salzberg, whom I met many years ago at an Insight Meditation Society retreat. She introduced me to Metta (lovingkindness Korean: 자 Chinese: 慈 Pali: मेत्ता).  In her talk, Sharon says “Everyone wants to be happy.  Everyone gets to play.”

I’ve received a few comments that people feel intimidated by how much I study.  They feel jealous that I am progressing faster than they are.

You are most likely wrong if you think I am doing better than you, because I really struggle to pin myself down for studying. Sure, I play around with learning things, and I am making Korean friends.  Yet often I only managed to get in 15 minutes of focused study. My goal is two 15 minute sessions a day.  (I’m a kid at heart, half an hour of play is easy to do 🙂

Trust me, you won’t feel better if I am less successful in my studies.  Haha

It is better that we all support each other in our studies.  Don’t worry about how others are progressing.  I want you to be happy.  I want you to playfully learn.

In the spirit of lovingkindness, I send you these wishes:

May your mind be at ease
May you be well
May you learn
May you be happy
May you be compassionate to yourself and others


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