Making text games

Breaking News English is a website to help people learn English.  On the site I found a sentence jumble game.  Played it.  It was fun.  I could see doing this with Korean text to test my comprehension.

From there, I found the text games at Textivate.  Textivate is a web application which allows users to automatically generate a range of interactive browser-based activities based on any text of up to 500 words or based on up to 200 matching items.  Jigsaw texts, gap-fills, text re-building, anagrams, wordsnakes, and lots more based on any text.

Which lead me to TaskMagic made by the same company with many more features. TaskMagic has Mix & Gap, Text Match, Picture Match, Sound Match, Pic Sound, Grid Match, Dialogues and Multi Choice.  Basically, a whole slew of products to design learning games.  They have a downloadable PC version of the software.  Sweet!


Oh, you just know this will be a “not learning, just having fun” activity of mine!

There are too many games to show them all.  I will have to explore and play to my heart’s content 🙂

Pacman text matching!  (Note: I have learned TaskMagic does not support Korean 😦  )

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One Response to Making text games

  1. Martin says:

    You can use most of the textivate activities for learning Korean, but I’m afraid TaskMagic only works with roman script…


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