What did you do this weekend?

To learn from my mistakes, I will share with you the RIGHT way to say “What did you do this weekend?”  Thanks to Ryan, Celia Rose, 윤혜영, Erik Loinberger, Linn Roby, Peter Floyd, Andrew Yang, and Rob Julien who explained it to me.  So nice to have people to help as I learn! ROKStars!

지난 주말에 뭐 했어요?

지난 is last.  이번 is this time.
지난 주말 is last weekend.  이번 주말 is this weekend.

In Korean, 이번 주말 is always always the future weekend.

지난 주말에 뭐 했어요? What did you do last weekend? (past)
이번 주말에 뭐 할 거예요?  What are you going to do this weekend?  (future)












I can’t forget to mention James who taught me that 주말 계획 있어요? means “Do you have any plans for the weekend?” Also 입소문을 타다, the Korean conversation group who answered:
무슨 계획이에요? 말해봐요!
저는 친구랑 공원에 가고 놀거예요
내일 아침에 베트남인 친구랑 만나고 나서 한국어 공부할게요. 한국어 수업도 있고 아마 서울 가려고 해요.
내일 형 만나러 서울에 갈거예요.

These little bite-sized injections of Korean into my life give me something small to work on translating.

How was your weekend?  주말 잘 보냈어요?/어땠어요?

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