Koreatown Toronto, Canada

There are more than 200,000 Korean Canadians, with 60,000 of them in Toronto.

Koreatown is a section of Toronto with Korean businesses.
Location: Bloor Street West, between Bathurst and Christie Streets n the Seaton Village section of The Annex.

Transit: TTC: Christie


Here is how a tourism website describes Koreatown:

Koreatown is just outside the downtown core, situated on Bloor Street West – one of Toronto’s main arteries. This fairly young neighborhood is easily accessible on the city’s subway system and offers many ways to indulge in Korean culture.

Browse through high-end boutiques featuring vibrant Korean fashions. Feeling adventurous? Visit one of the acupuncture clinics or show off your talent at a karaoke lounge. If you’d rather let your taste buds do the exploring, dine at one of the many authentic restaurants, including sushi bars, barbecue, vegetarian and more. And don’t forget to pick up a box of delectable walnut cakes to go.

Eat Your Kimchi did a video on Toronto’s Koreatown:

There is also another Koreatown in North York outside of Toronto.

Also interesting is the website Korea-Canada Blog.

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  1. Chul Moon says:

    호오!! 토론토!!! 지도를 보니, 생각보다 메사추세츠에서 가깝네.


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