Newspaper, not learning

Have you ever lusted after someone else’s newspaper?  I have.

financial_timesI still enjoy the pleasure of holding a paper in my hands. Amazingly, my convenience store in this small rural town carries the Financial Times.  I purchase one a week and pour over all the articles.  Glimpses of British culture can be found within it’s depths.

South Korea Koreas NuclearNow, I find myself wishing to read Korean newspapers.  I’ve seen Chinese print newspapers in the Berkshires, but not yet gotten my hands on a Korean paper.  I know I can read the articles online for the Korea Herald or the Chosun Ilbo. Yet for me, it is not the same as having a piece of paper in my hands I can circle unknown words in red and pour over an article slowly.

South Korea US San Francisco Airliner CrashI will have to stay on the look out for my own newspaper the next time I am in Koreatown.

If anyone wants to mail me a Korean language newspaper, I would be so grateful. It’s not learning, it is just having fun!

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