Shipping to Korea

Here is some information on shipping from the USA to South Korea

3 Options:



  • Cost to ship will depend on package size and weight
  • You will need to fill out a customs form
  • Insurance and duty tax may need to be paid
  • You may need the resident id and phone number of the person receiving the package
  • You have to list the address in English, and may want to also include the Korean address in Hangul
  • Korea lists the address in reverse order to the way USA lists addresses
  • Time to arrive can be anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks
  • Check that items are allowed to be shipped.
  • Flat rate envelops have to be completely flat, less than 3/4″ width, and flexible.  You could not include a pen, paper clip, USB drive, etc.
Service Max weight Cost USD
FedEx Flat Rate 10 kg (22 lbs) 175.76
FedEx Flat Rate 25 kg (56 lbs) 262.16
US Postal Service Flat Rate Envelop 4 lbs 46.50
US Postal Service Priority Mail Box 20 lbs 84.95
First Class postcards 1 oz 1.15
UPS Express Freight $8.16/lb 151 – 999 lbs 1224.00


Businesses that need to ship large volume of goods will use air freight containers or 20 foot sea shipping containers.


Compare international mail services.

Fed Ex video on shipping to South Korea:

Korean Customs Service if you want to learn why shipping a rabbit’s foot charm, Penthouse magazine, or salt are all considered forbidden goods.

See LovingKorean’s excellent post How to send mail to Korea.

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