Singing is just another way of communicating

I’m a TED Talk junkie.

” singing is just another way of communication, just as speaking is.” – Hyeju Park

singtedThe latest TED Talk I listened to was “How to sing well: Hyeju Park at TEDxSeoul”.  I’m at the stage where I don’t have a clue about sentences, but I can hear words.  I let the sound of Korean flow over me and my ears perk up at familiar sounds, where I can glance at the subtitles to look for words I know.

Where to find things to watch with Korean subtitles?  TED Talks are one resource.

“Sing with confidence, and a humble wish to express yourself, and you will sing differently”

What is true for singing, also will help me making small talk.  I need to approach it with a humble wish to express myself. Rob’s advice to not let grammar stand in the way of communicating comforts me.  My sincere desire to connect and my warmth are more important than the exact words, at this beginner stage.


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