Cheer up! Here’s a hug.

There will be days in your language learning journey that you need encouragement.


When confronted by a problem, it is easy to forget all the progress you have made up to this point.

Life happens.  It will include rain storms, broken hearts, work deadlines, illness, and many other events that sneak up on you.

On this language learning journey, some times you will be confronted by something that seems impossible to understand.  You’ve bang your head against it, get “Hangul headache”, and feel discouraged like everyone else is smart and it is just you struggling.

You are not alone.  We ALL feel that way.

I believe an important part of my success is having people I can go to when I feel overwhelmed.   Friends I can lean on.  People who tell me 화이팅 Fighting!  힘내세요 Cheer up!

If you need some support at this moment, then let this be my virtual hug to you.

behappyGo to Mindpasta, where you can actually ask for and get hugs.   Ask your Korean language partner how far you have come.  Let your friends remind you of all your hard work.  Rely on the support of others when you feel down, and return the favor some day when someone else needs it.  Keep a journal of you daily accomplishments.  Read the blog of another language learner who inspires you.  Take a break to laugh and play.  Whatever you are feeling at the moment, this is only a temporary setback.  You can do it.  Stick with it, and the mood will pass.  Tomorrow will be brighter.  Don’t let today’s bad day make you think you have a bad life.


Hang in there!

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