Glossika sentences worming into my brain

Learning a second language has brought me many surprises. Today, I stepped out of my comfort zone and made a video describing Glossika. It is my first Youtube video. I am incredibly nervous in the video, and I was speaking English my native language. haha

The reason I went to the effort is I believe in the product Glossika. People learn in different ways, so I can’t guarantee studying thousands of sentences will be a good fit for you, but I can tell you it works for me. Here is an link to buy Glossika Korean Fluency 1-2-3 Package. My suggestion is try the free Glossika audio on ITunes to see if you like it. Use them for 3 weeks, and see if it helps you.

Without a doubt, Glossika has helped me. Sentences pop out of me in times of need, and give me relief that I can respond to the Korean I am chatting with. The sentences are becoming a part of me. I am starting to think about all my Korean learning in terms of sentences. Having seen sentence structures in Glossika, when the grammar is taught in class, I am already familiar with it. So I recommend the product with enthusiasm as a tool for speaking and listening.


Was the several hours it took me to record, upload, and process this 7 minute video worth it? It was a learning experience. Now I have a deeper appreciation for all those polyglots who have made educational videos I’ve watched.

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One Response to Glossika sentences worming into my brain

  1. sunil says:

    How are you progressing with Glossika? I just started this and would like to know how far you are into it and how you like it.


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