Tell me about yourself

As a language learner, do you have a prepared introduction?

Job interviews often start with “Tell me about yourself”.

The interviewer is giving you an opening to shine.  Are you articulate, confident, and able to handle an unstructured situation?  Will you give a positive first impression that inspires further questions?

Today, in another real life pop quiz, I was asked to introduce myself by a tutor.  I fell splat on my face.  My lack of confidence, preparation, and practice combined with nervousness and desperation.  Sigh.  Well, not my best first impression, but then the tutor was simply trying to gauge my current level.

Next time I need to introduce myself, I want to do better.  So I am adding to my personal “to do” list of action items for my small talk project to make up a quick introduction for myself.

Do you have your own introduction?  Care to share it with me?

First sentence I want to figure out how to say:

“Although I am an American, I am learning Korean now, because I think Korean is an interesting language.”

  • Be brief  (< 1 minute)
  • Think about what would interest the listener
  • Highlight your accomplishments
  • Be prepared for follow-up questions

A question that often comes up is “Why are you learning Korean?”  What’s your answer?

(Funny but sadly true story … in March when I started introducing myself on Interpals, I made an error in typing the word 안녕하세요.  The typo sounded to Koreans like a regional dialect.  What kind of first impression was that?!  I couldn’t even spell HELLO.  Haha  I laugh every day.)

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