Make use of the time you are in the car to learn.

  • Pick a category like animals, numbers, colors, directions, businesses, etc.  Call out their names in Korean when you see them.  (Yes, I actually say 왼쪽, 오른쪽 when I make turns.  haha)
  • Write a Korean word you are learning on the car window with those window erasable markers.  Exchange as soon as you learn it with a new word.
  • Play the ends with/starts with syllable game.  등산 ends with 산
  • Keep a few flashcards in your card and look at a new one for each trip
  • Listen to KPop music and sing along
  • Listen to podcasts and Korean broadcasts (Like “Catch the Wave”)
  • Practice speaking along with audio program (Living Language, Pimsleur, Survival Korean, etc.)
  • Take photos with your phone and look up words (post office, convenience store, gas station, etc.)

Remember, a self-learner is both teacher and student! Think how you can make activities for yourself to learn.

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